Symposium 1 for Gifted Education

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)



The Symposium for Gifted Education

The Symposium for Gifted Education. There are many variables in education, but the most important variable, at the centre of delivering an effective gifted education, is the teacher. While popular discourse may claim that gifted children learn by themselves, there is convincing research to demonstrate that well qualified and knowledgeable teachers are critical. This study day for GATE teachers is an opportunity to explore some of the meta questions often raised by this cohort of students and will equip teachers with the knowledge they need to create excellent lessons and positive engagement on the Big Question.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent resources tailored for classroom use, featuring easy-to-implement lessons. Attendance at this event offers exceptional value at $250, which includes resources and light refreshments.

‘Excellence is not an act but a habit.’




The Basic Philosophical Question – How to live a good life.

Julie Arliss

Aristotle (384 – 322 BCE) applied himself a great deal to the question of education of bright minds. He was the tutor of Alexander the Great and deeply concerned to work out how best to cultivate the youth of Athens in such a way that they might become happy and embrace the responsibility of progressing civilisation. Flourishing, understood along semi-Aristotelian lines has re-emerged recently and his answer to the question ‘how to live a good life’ will be the inspiration for this session.


Morning tea


A fundamental Philosophical Question – What happens after death?

Julie Arliss

This is one of the big questions which inspires dialogue at every level and in every age group because there can be no certainty. And yet it is not simply a matter of opinion because it is also a matter of fact. Either, when we die there will be something, or there won’t. This session will equip teachers with competency to understand and explain the underlying questions and assumptions with resources to stimulate discussion back in class.


3. Swap Meet – sharing of ideas and networking

Delegate opportunity to share expertise with members of the GATE community in WA and build better together. Come ready to share your favourite approach or resource. Please contact us if you would like a 5-10 minute opportunity to showcase.




The Pedagogy of the Thought Experiment

Julie Arliss

The thought experiment is a fabulous device for use with more able students and can be employed across the curriculum and with any age group. This session will demonstrate this pedagogy using some classical thought experiments, each with a short video clip to stimulate discussion. Teachers will be given oven-ready resources and be better equipped to build their own thought experiments into routine classroom practice to stimulate creative thinking, critical thinking and imagination.


Julie Arliss

Join us for an enriching teacher training event featuring Julie Arliss, an outstanding Gifted Educator renowned for nurturing brilliance through a holistic approach. At the core of Julie Arliss’ philosophy is a profound dedication to unlocking the unique potential within every educator and maximizing their impact.

Arliss believes that exceptional teaching extends beyond academic excellence; it encompasses innovative methodologies, access to comprehensive classroom resources, and a visionary approach to education. Thriving Minds Symposium for GATE equips teachers with the necessary tools to refine their teaching practices, curate impactful classroom resources, and envision transformative educational experiences.

This philosophy empowers educators to challenge norms, explore novel teaching strategies, and foster environments that inspire excellence. Emphasising mentorship and guidance, teachers benefit from Arliss’ expertise and support as they embark on their journey towards enhanced teaching practices and greater impact.

Julie Arliss’ legacy extends beyond the conference platform, influencing the lives of educators who carry these values throughout their careers. With almost three decades of collaboration with leading thinkers, Arliss has delivered outstanding programs for educators across the UK and Australasia.

Join us in embracing this transformative approach to teacher development and empowering the next generation of innovative and impactful educators. Register now to be part of this inspiring event.




A fixed fee of $250 including light refreshments.