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Academy Learning

Academy Learning

Thriving Minds

Learning Lab courses and international conferences for gifted and talented students.

A Mind Stretched By An Idea Will Never Be The Same Again

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Thriving minds offers special enrichment programmes for more able students across Singapore, Australia and The United Kingdom.

Encouraging Deeper Thinking About Important Topics

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Pre-university courses support aspiring students to build outstanding thinking skills Academy Learning is the leading provider of exclusive online learning for more able and ambitious students.

Inspiring Transformational Curriculums

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Online courses extend the exceptional work done in school and help students secure places at top universities or high grade employment in Singapore and elsewhere.

Learning Lab

The Academy Learning Lab is the leading provider of exclusive online learning for more able and ambitious students. Wherever you are in the world the lab is a secure place, built by highly experienced teachers, to provide extension work for students. The Lab offers stability in an uncertain world – where thinking deeply and getting the right qualifications still really matters.

  • World-class interactive multi-media platform for blended learning – extend and excite learners
  • Supports your school’s extension programme – effortless enrichment
  • Stability in an uncertain world – Learning is seamless and uninterrupted by world events or school closure.

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The Thriving Minds Masterclass for senior students

In ‘Hiding behind the screen’ philosopher Roger Scruton examines the effects of modern technology on ourselves and the way we relate to others.

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'A mind, once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions'

Attributed to Aristotle by Seneca