Symposium 2 for Gifted Education

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

2023 AUS


The Symposium for Gifted Education

The  Symposium for Gifted Education. Teachers responsible for more able learners will join for an exclusive Symposium curated by experienced gifted Educator, Julie Arliss. This day is crafted with special attention to the ongoing work of universities, such as the University of Oxford, where joined up thinking is truly valued as a tool for the discovery of new ideas. Generous time for sharing and showcasing VIC expertise. $250 including light refreshments.

‘Excellence is not an act but a habit.’




The Battle against one’s Own Stupidity

Julie Arliss
What is a gifted child and what is the nature of our concern for him or her? Is testing for giftedness enough and what is it about the best teachers that encourages them to thrive and prepare them for the ‘long littleness’ of ‘life’.


Morning tea


Can Teachers be Replaced by Robots?

Andrew Pinsent

It is increasingly difficult to recruit teachers to the profession and computers are far quicker, more accurate and cheaper than any human being. So, are digital learning and robo-teachers the future for education? This session will outline the role and nature of knowledge and help teachers explore the concepts, theories, models and techniques that underpin big questions in science as well as the complexity of knowledge and understanding.

For discussion, Einstein’s claim that, ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.’


Swap Meet – sharing of ideas and networking

Delegate opportunity to share expertise with members of the GATE community
in VIC and build better together. Come ready to share your favourite approach or
resource. Please contact us if you would like a 5-10 minute opportunity to showcase.




Logic, the Gifted Student’s Edge : Logic and alternative facts.

Julie Arliss

There are fewer more important questions in life! This session will help students decide what kind of thinker they are when it comes to big decisions and identify the philosophical foundations for different types of decision-making techniques. A number of big questions will be posed along the way: Does moral value exist? Are some decisions better than others? Deciding well involves examining thoughts very carefully and this will be an opportunity to investigate the very foundations of our thoughts and take time to reflect on how decisions about anything are made. From friendship issues to moral issues, from environment to medical ethics – all decision making requires thought and this session will be an opportunity to think really very deeply!


Julie Arliss

JULIE ARLISS is Director and Founder of Thriving Minds, a branch of Academy Conferences, which runs events for More Able and Ambitious learners as well as teachers and headteachers. She has thirty years of experience as a teacher, is a former Cambridge CIE examiner, and a Farmington Scholar at Harris Manchester University of Oxford.

Dr. Andrew Pinsent

Dr ANDREW PINSENT is Research Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford. Formerly a particle physicist at CERN, he is now a philosopher and theologian dedicated to fostering research, teaching and public engagement with big ideas.




A fixed fee of $250 including light refreshments.